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Our focus is the food and beverage, as well as the agri-food industries. Our passion is your export growth. Start your export journey with our industry experts who can find new homes for your products, outside Australia. We offer export advice that is practical and tailored to your needs. No matter which stage of the export journey you’re on, you can benefit from our workshops, market-visit and buyer-networks.

We deliver value through being focused, targeted and deliberate. Since being founded in 2017, Export connect has delivered:

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Our Services

A multitude of export opportunities exist for Australian companies. With our specialist services, you can identify and access the right option for you.

Tailored Client Projects

Need to get to grips with a new or existing market? Our in-depth market and competitor analyses can help tailor your pitch and attract pre-qualified buyers. We’ll develop a project tailored to your business needs.

Market Visit Programmes

Join your Export Connect facilitator to meet pre-qualified buyers in target markets. Armed with a detailed market and competitor analysis, travel with a select group of like-minded peers and establish business relationships like never before.

Workshops & Partnerships

New to exporting? Or an old hand wanting new market insights? Whatever your exporting level, our workshops offer opportunities to build capability, knowledge and connections.

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