08-18October 2019

Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia (21 Sep - 2 Oct) | UAE-Kuwait-Qatar (16 Nov- 27 Nov)

Want to visit your export market? Let us connect you.

We’ve been listening to your feedback from previous visits and have finalised dates and locations in response, and of course with an eye to the tastiness of the export markets concerned. In 2019 we’ll be going to:

Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia (8 Oct – 18 Oct) 


Registration closes Aug 2, 2019

Knowing your market in-depth is a crucial first step to successful exporting. That’s why we’ve put together Export Connect’s Market Visit Programme – to get people from your company on the ground in the places you want to sell. See where your products would sit, meet vetted buyers, and get the inside scoop on your target markets.

We take a maximum of 6 companies on each market visit to give you the best experience, so if you are interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch – registration closes on Aug 2nd, 2019.

What’s does Export Connect’s Market Visit Programme provide?

In-depth Market Research
Before you go, you’ll receive our in-depth market reports on market economics; consumer behaviour and demographics; category and channel trends.

Competitor Analysis
A Competitor Analysis which includes a competing products report and pricing matrix will be delivered before your market visit so you go fully-armed with the information you need to make the most of your supermarket visits and buyer meetings.

On-the-Ground Supermarket Visits
On the ground, we’ll show you your competitors’ and your own products, on-shelf. Understand first-hand how the display, pricing and other local factors affect sales, your competitors’ and your own products on-shelf.

Direct Meetings with Pre-Qualified Buyers
We’ll set up meetings with pre-qualified buyers from retail, distribution and eCommerce channels in the market. This is the most effective way to get traction!

Post-Visit Follow Up
And to round it all out, we’ll host a follow-up session after the market tour, to maximise opportunities created and elevate contacts generated.

What’s the investment?

Each programme will be a complete introduction to the selected markets and sets businesses up for successful outcomes. The investment for the Market Visit Programme is as follows:

1 market – $3,750 + GST (excluding travel costs)
2 markets – $6,750 + GST (excluding travel costs)
3 markets – $9,500 + GST (excluding travel costs)

Event Information

Date and Time

Tuesday 08th October

23:00 - 23:00


Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia (21 Sep - 2 Oct) | UAE-Kuwait-Qatar (16 Nov- 27 Nov)