Home Away From Home

A Story of One Family’s Dream, on the Move

A family dream to move to the country and a passion for quality, healthy food is what sparked Pam and Martin Brook to transform a run-down dairy farm in the Byron Bay hinterland into a working macadamia farm. At the very centre of the farm, the Brook family planted 30,000 sub-tropical rainforest trees to create a wildlife haven. In November 2000, Brookfarm sold their very first products, toasted natural muesli, at the local Bangalow market. Pam created the recipes in the family kitchen, and Martin and their two boys Will & Eddie, then loaded the car and began a journey which has taken Brookfarm all over the world…

Deep Roots

The Brooks never wavered from their country roots and commitment to sustainable farming; values that spring from a home among the gum trees (and 4,000 native macadamias!). Building on such an inspired beginning; as their company flourished, so too have their offerings; from delicious breakfast foods to salutary snacks to cold pressed macadamia oils. Travelling the world, their range is now enjoyed by people of all faiths and footpaths; from China to Fiji; Singapore to the USA to New Zealand; and looking to the future, now potentially, the United Arab Emirates.

What is their secret? Every product seeded at the Brooks’ farm has three things in common. They are proud to be:

  • all-natural,
  • gluten-free and
  • made with a deep commitment to planet and people.

Whether you’re waking up to their Natural Macadamia Muesli with Apple and Apricot, Toasted Macadamia Muesli with Apricots & Coconuts, or Gluten Free Macadamia Muesli with Cranberries … wherever you are, you’ll be right back home!

Coming Home

The United Arab Emirates is an entrepreneur’s dream. Striving forward in development and innovation, this market is constantly paving the way for international investment. With a diverse economy and a thriving tourist industry, it is now home to thousands of expats who appreciate provenance.

What does this mean for us? High-quality health-conscious and gluten-free brands seem like a natural fit, and Brookfarm is a great example of a homegrown success ready to share their produce with the world. Demand for these categories is only increasing, and Brookfarm has great potential to form a happy marriage that grows their family business and at the same time supplies this international market with not just healthier options, but happier, healthier lives as well.