Market Trends in the UK – Insights from Booths UK

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We thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the Q&A session with Booths UK at the Food & Beverage Exporters Forum yesterday at the Naturally Good Expo. It was wonderful to see new and experienced exporters in the room learning about the UK market and connecting with a supermarket chain focused on quality products and service and not just price.

Below we share 3 vlogs of Booths UK response to three key topics. Reach out if you would like to learn more or receive the full video. 

What are the consumer trends in the UK?

In this 4 minute video we hear about the impact of the GFC, discount retailers, low wages growth and changes in spending trends. We also hear about the rising interest in sustainable production and packaging. 

What are the retail trends in the UK?

In this 3 minute video, we hear about UK retail trends and changes in the food retailing landscape.

What will Brexit mean for the market and for Australian Consumers?

In this video, hear about what Brexit will mean for UK food retailers and for Australian Exporters.

If you would like to receive a full-length video of the Food & Beverage Exporters forum featuring John from Booths, please reach out by emailing us at