Win-Win: Creative Problem Solving for Business Solutions

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In our work we are often at the coalface of business development  and see the challenges and achievements of our clients at close range. Building relationships with businesses across many stages of their growth, we have come to personally know the value of connection – and it can be found in the most unexpected places, leading to unexpected insights.

Working with Sandhurst Fine Foods to expand into overseas markets, we learnt about their drive to create better engagement with Asian markets. Working with a range of reputable universities in our own business operations, we also learnt about their search for more chances to engage with industry. We saw an opportunity and were happy to facilitate a meeting in which both parties could benefit; we made the introductions.

Sandhurst Fine Foods CEO Mimmo Lubrano with the UTS Business students.

A UTS-germinated think-tank – a group of bright postgraduate Business students – received a challenge from Sandhurst’s CEO, Mimmo Lubrano in a compelling lecture he gave on campus earlier this year. The students then 

had time to research, ponder, collaborate and mull over their recommendations with their supervisors and each other, before presenting their findings to Mimmo in a series of presentations.

This would have proved a beneficial exchange at that – but after considering their contributions, Mimmo and Najib were able to provide another layer of expert learning, in a final feedback session, deepening the experience and the real-world relevance of the work for the students.

In addition to the intellectual creativity that the students brought to their business solutions, Mimmo found the experience especially useful in understanding the perspectives of future business people. “It was a great experience for us as well as for the students,” he said. “So it really was a ‘win-win’. It gave us some good insight into the thinking processes of the next generation as well as being a great cultural learning for us.”

To learn more about Sandhurst Fine Foods, read our profile of the business hereIf you are an Export Manager and a UTS alumni and are interested in learning more about similar opportunities, reach out to us at or UTS Alumni Relations Coordinator Paul Angwin at

Above image: Export Connect Director Najib Lawand offering feedback to the UTS Business students undertaking the case-study unit.