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Congratulations Najib a truly insightful and not to be missed program for anyone serious about Export you take the guesswork out of it!” – Minnie Constan, Fine Foods Australia

Well done Najib Lawand; Pleasure to work with you once again!” – Lisa Crawford Jones, Naturally Good Expo & Business Summit

Audience Members

Rolled gold from Al Overton of Planet Organic. Great insights from others as well. Well done Najib. Love your work!” – David Leevers, McCain Foods

A really excellent event, Export Connect! The insights provided by the panel were very valuable, and the moderation of the panel session by Najib Lawand kept the discussions focussed and on topic. The inclusion of time for networking after the panel was also very valuable. Overall, excellent value for the price of admission.  I would definitely attend another similar event, so don’t you dare hold one without inviting me!” – Bryn Pears, Silly Yak Foods

The forum was excellent; it was very insightful to see different approaches, and how powerful the panelists are in their markets; and what they’re doing and how to go about getting my tea into some of these countries, and what I need to do. It can be very grey. You’ve got a lot of people knocking on your door, but you’ve got to know who the real players are, and it’s really great to be clear on who the big players are in those markets.” – Lisa Hilbert, Tea Tonic

“This forum really helped in understanding what the trends are in Malaysia, the Middle East and UK, and meeting a couple of key buyers, particularly the UK and Malaysia, which may help us to reach that tipping point, to really make the company change positively.” – David Fitzgerald, The Lupin Co.

It was fascinating. I thought everything Al said from Planet Organic was exactly in line with Jo & Co Foods, and that was cemented when he said ‘When you’re ready for world domination, give me a call.’ Cha-ching!” – Jo Hall, Jo & Co Foods

“Thanks for a great morning Najib, Margaret et al.  Opportunities such as this are so fantastic for small business. The insights from the panellists were invaluable!” Emma Dumas, The Muesli

Great talk!” Manuela Lopez Manan, Nutrasem Asia

“It was such a worthwhile seminar. Lots to hear and explore . Thanks for hosting.” – Lori Phillips, Lori’s Wholesome Pantry

“Fantastic event, great to hear direct and concise feedback from the retail buyers on what they’re looking for from Australia.” – Wendy Maslin, Sampano