Export Connect Portal

Tactical data and valuable market insights, at your fingertips.
The Export Connect Portal revolutionises your export journey. Now, you can access category-specific insights for 20+ markets, plus hours of our tutorials and forums, trade and competitor data andfree-to-use resources – all at your fingertips.

The Export Connect Portal is now live on exportconnectportal.com

Check it out for yourself or learn more below.

As featured in the Australian Financial Review


No matter what stage you are at in your export journey, the Export Connect Portal is an invaluable asset; serving as a fast, cost-effective way to gain highly relevant insights.
The Export Connect Portal is perfect for both new and experienced exporters, as well as stakeholders supporting food and agri-businesses.

Valuable export insights, at your fingertips

Export Connect-Export Portal-Market Reports

Market Reports

Export Connect-Export Portal-Trade Data

Trade Data

Export Connect-Export Portal-Competitor Insights

Competitor Insights

Export Connect-Export Portal-Workshops


Export Connect-Export Portal-Resources Tools

Resources & Tools

Export Connect-Export Portal-Advisory Service

Advisory Service

Your export journey is about to be transformed.