If you are considering building your export business, or need to know more about an existing or target market, why not book one of Export Connect’s workshops?


To date we have delivered 70+ workshops or forums and 250+ market assessments across three categories: 


Whichever stage of the export process your constituents are interested in – getting started, delving deep into advanced issues, or just refreshing knowledge about a specific market – we can develop and deliver a workshop that fits.

Our market-specific workshops incorporate content we’ve developed for more than 170 market insights projects over 20 markets in the past two and a half years. We build in case studies from recent clients and Najib’s export experience to give you real world examples, and cover topics including emerging market & category trends, channel insights, market access requirements, USP articulation & market entry. What makes an Export Connect workshop special? We custom design our workshops to be category and market-specific, maximising value for each attendee.


In the export business, hearing from the people who have been there and done that is crucial. Our panel discussions, drawing upon a network of in-market buyers and experienced export managers give you the opportunity to learn from others’ success stories (and just as importantly, the times things didn’t work) and share challenges and opportunities. 

Our forums are facilitated by our director Najib, an experienced exporter who knows what questions to ask to glean information that can help develop your export business. 

Trade Events

Whether you are attending a trade show or involved in an inbound or outbound mission, Export Connect can help you prepare for buyer meetings and successful negotiation. We deliver trade show and mission readiness workshops helping companies understand market opportunities and challenges. We can help you develop your market-specific pitch and provide pre-qualified buyer leads, introductions and even lead in-market supermarket tours. At Export Connect we aim to get you ready for buyer interest and success.

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