Armed with a detailed market and competitor analysis, travel with a small group of like-minded peers and your Export Connect facilitator to meet pre-qualified buyers on the ground in key target markets. 


Getting to knowing your market in-depth is a crucial first step to successful exporting – but its not always easy to achieve, especially for businesses new to a region. That’s why we’ve put together Export Connect’s Market Visit Programme – to get people from your company on the ground in the places you want to sell. See where your products would sit, meet vetted buyers, and get the inside scoop on your target markets.

No matter where you are in your export journey – a small business new to exporting, a big brand wanting to break a new region, or an old hand wanting to refresh market knowledge – we want to help.

Export Connect’s market visits are all about you. That’s why we take a maximum of 6 companies on each visit. The small group ensures plenty of time and opportunity to focus on your business, while travelling together allows for collaboration and a team Australia approach – as well as providing like-minded people to enjoy the trip with!

What to expect on
an Export Connect Market Visit:

Market Research
Our team will be working for you well before take-off! In the run up to the visit, you’ll receive our in-depth market reports on market economics; consumer behaviour and demographics; category and channel trends.
Meetings with Pre-Qualified Buyers Export Connect’s experience and networks enable us to set up meetings with pre-qualified buyers from retail, distribution and eCommerce channels in each market we visit. That means you’ll meet buyers already interested in your product category – the most effective way to get traction!
Competitor Analysis
In addition to the market reports, you’ll receive a detailed competitor analysis for your product. This includes a competing products report and pricing matrix so when on the ground you are armed with information to help make the most of your supermarket visits and buyer meetings.
Post Visit Follow Up
Our job doesn’t end on departure. To round it all out, we’ll host a follow-up session after the market tour, to maximise opportunities created and elevate contacts generated.
On-The-Ground Supermarket Visits
On the ground in the market, we’ll show you your and your competitors’ products, on-shelf. You’ll have the opportunity to understand first-hand how the display, pricing and other local factors affect sales and marketing.

 Upcoming Market Visit Programme

Vietnam, Thailand & Philippines Market Visit Programme | 30th Nov – 13th December 2022

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