Juliet Tripodi


The Market Visit Program to Malaysia and Singapore has been a priceless experience. The preparation for the visit was critical as the Export Connect team equipped us with all the insights and strategies necessary to prepare for the targeted and relevant buyer meetings facilitated. As a newcomer to the export scene, I will continue to utilise Export Connect’s services for future export opportunities. Thank you Najib and Export Connect for helping make Rainbow Fresh’s export journey a positive one. Looking forward to our next Export Connect market visit programme!

Tobin Woolford


Participating in the market visit to Malaysia and Singapore with Export Connect provided me with invaluable knowledge on up-to-the-minute market opportunities in the retail and distribution landscape. It allowed me to assess competitor positioning and tailor my pitch for each market. The preparation for and access to relevant major players afforded me the opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had access to. A busy and insightful market visit.

Sean Garlick


The Export Connect market visit programme was professionally delivered from the moment we signed on. The detailed market insights and competitor analysis, along with the in-market supermarket tour set us up perfectly for the buyer appointments that Export Connect facilitated. We are now deep into negotiations with a major Singapore distributor and supermarket chain. I'd recommend participating in an Export Connect market visit programme to any food business wanting to enter or grow export markets.

Olga Plotnikova


I participated in the Singapore market visit programme with Export Connect. They provided me with extensive market research ahead of my visit. Their reports provided me with valuable information to help prepare me for the meetings with buyers, and learn about new market opportunities and products presented in stores. As a result of these meetings, I expect to have our products available in Singapore soon. Overall, I am happy with results I received from Singapore markets visit and Export Connect`s work. I will definitely be taking part in future market visits programs and highly recommend this opportunity to other companies who want to start exporting their products and exploring new markets.

Annabel Langely


The market visit to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore was invaluable and a must-do if you are looking into these markets. It was a fast, effective way to gather all the information needed. Getting to see firsthand where my product fits and the expectations of both the distributor and markets was really worthwhile. I met with some large frozen distributors in both markets and have lots of leads to follow up on. Thanks for everything Najib and team. 

Adelyn Chee


Export Connect coordinated an inaugural Organic Market visit in August 2018 to Singapore and Hong Kong. Through their extensive retailer, foodservice and importer network in these markets, Murray River Organics were able to meet with the right buyers, armed with competitor analysis and in-market insights.

Phil Gair


The information that Najib and his team gave us prior to our market visits was invaluable, especially with regard to products and pricing. We were able to set our goals and pricing before we went. It gave us insight into who we were meeting, and what we were doing. Every interview we had was great.

Janine Adams


The Market Visit Program to Singapore and Hong Kong was mind-blowing. The number of stores we got to see; the number of buyers; the information that Najib and his team provided us beforehand - we went fully prepared. In every meeting, buyers were interested in us. That's a credit to Najib and the team. It was a very, very insightful trip.

Greg Wallace


I went to three countries with Export Connect, not knowing what to expect. What I found was that all meetings were very well organised, great connections, great insights to all three markets and I ended up with great prospects from all three markets! What I did in two weeks with Export Connect, would have taken me months if I was doing these countries by myself! When I am looking to try other new markets, I will definitely be using Export Connect!

Kylie Shepherd Watson


Thank you for your expert guidance on the recent trip to Singapore. From the in-depth market research before the trip through to the professional advice provided throughout the trip, I left Singapore armed with the information I need to succeed in this market. In addition, the buyer meetings were professionally conducted and were all with relevant interested parties. Not to mention, I learnt a few things about elevating my sales pitch to get the most out of these meetings. I now look forward to exploring the opportunities presented and converting to future sales.

Kerrie Shingles


On completion of the tour, I am now hard into converting sales from the trip, capitalising on the insightful and on point data that was provided. The meetings arranged were solid, many with great prospects and some resulting in strategic “no outcome” - which in itself is valuable and provides excellent learnings. I am now gaining traction on entry points to the market with some partners directly from this trip. The programme is to date the best market programme I have paid to attend, it was value for money, and lays the platform to pursue opportunities with further hard work. If you are prepared to undertake the extensive follow up from such a programme, you will be rewarded. Najib and his team were wonderfully supportive and detailed in their execution. I am sure I will commit to future work with Export Connect.

Cheryl Stewart


The preparation and planning of the market research reports received by Export Connect prior to the Malaysian trip were beyond my expectations. It was tailored specifically to Morlife. What this meant is, I went to set meetings with a market feel, an insight to who our competitors were and knowledge of the current market trends. We were able to play to our strengths, detect the gaps and articulate a way to fill them. Best of all, we are already taking orders with some of the buyers we met!