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Every family hopes their young will grow up healthy and full of vitality. Plant-based, nutritious and organic meals are just some ways modern parents are looking to create a higher standard of living. Careful about feeding their little ones at home, many purchasing decisions must be consciously made, and it is often a matter of connecting the dots. From selecting the right infant formula for their baby’s needs, to preparing meals with no added nasties – it can be a little confusing for those just starting to make this change for the better.

Bubs Australia believes in creating a love of healthy organic food for your bubs from the very beginning. Founded in 2005, the Bubs team has always been passionate about innovating to create the best nutritious meals for all the little people across the country. They believe in nourishment and nurturing experiences, using the right texture, color, taste and a sense of fun. For this reason Bubs Australia has focused on identifying organic growers and suppliers equally passionate about nutrient-rich produce and sustainable farming practices. All Bubs products are 100% natural and contain no additives, preservatives, GMOs, artificial coloring or flavouring, thickeners or other fillers. Their products range from infant goat milk formula to adventurous superfood packets (featuring various combinations of nutrient-dense raspberries, coconut, yoghurt, baby spinach, sweetcorn, chicken, chia and fig).

The Bubs Australia journey began with Sydney mum Kristy Carr and Anthony Gualdi, a father committed to organics, who together had a vision to connect mums and dads out there with easy options for optimum nutrition and health.

Now, Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Simms continues this tradition with creativity and authenticity. As strong advocates of goat’s milk, Bubs Australia has acquired NuLac Foods, best known for its dairy products as stocked in Coles, Woolworths and IGA supermarkets. Bubs’ focus is to grow their target market internationally. With access to 6.2 million litres of goat milk from farms in Australia and New Zealand annually, Bubs is taking steps to export their unique range.

We are grateful to join the Bubs export journey as it expands its reach across the globe. With extensive research, together analysing the trends and synergies of every market, we are confident that their products will benefit the many little bubs across the world.