From Strength to Strength

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This week we welcome an important addition to our team, Oujan Paad; our third full-time employee, and new Project Manager.

Following a guest lecture by Najib in collaboration with Macquarie University, in which he offered internships to capable (and game!) students; a well-crafted email came through, rising to the challenge. “The learning opportunity in itself appears to be unmissable,” wrote Oujan, then studying a B Commerce with a double major in marketing and international business.

Recognising the unique ecosystem a startup presents, he saw the prospective internship as an opportunity to make a strong contribution, while also absorbing as much information and experience as he could, for both personal and professional development.

Amid our first cohort of valued interns, Oujan joined the team and made a stellar impression. Starting fresh with a market-readiness workshop titled Are You Ready for the UAE?, he engaged in market research covering economic, demographic and consumer profiling; market entry strategies; pricing structure matrices; and promotion options within the UAE.

Moving swiftly from a dedicated learner to earner; he became one of our Project Coordinators, engaging deeply in market research for our clients and developing a signature standard and system for the whole team’s reports.

Meanwhile, this little startup kept growing; and powered by its team of Project Coordinators and Interns, in its first year, delivered market appraisals for 20 food clients across Australia; and workshops, forums, inbound missions and advisory services for 10 Industry stakeholders.

In the same month that we celebrate our first year as a company, we also celebrate the momentum that can only come through connection and collaboration. As our Project Manager steps confidently into his role, taking on a suite of new responsibilities; we continue to grow, and to welcome new interns into the fold. For us, it’s an exciting time as ever because we know that together, we grow. And at this rate, who knows what successes we’ll celebrate next year! Welcome, Oujan!