Naturally Good: Growth Trends in Food and Business

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Getting out there and speaking directly with suppliers, we see a common thread of deep commitment – not only to their business and families, but to the many mouths across the world that benefit from their produce.

Speaking with Naturally Good Products’ Marketing Manager Connie Manglaviti at one of our Food & Beverage Exporters Forums, it’s clear this drive is alive and well in the Melbourne-born company.

Brand Evolves, Mission Remains the Same

Naturally Good Products began over 30 years ago and its mission to create delicious, natural products has not changed. “At that time,” said Connie, “We wanted to have products that were more natural and home-style; something for which people could read the label and understand exactly what was in the product.” With cookies, snacks, and crispbreads, this mission was realised.

Consumer health needs have changed since those early days, and Naturally Good Products have embraced the broader scope this allows to deliver on their mission. “We’ve evolved,” said Connie. “We now offer more products which are gluten free, vegan, and plant-based because people are dealing with issues around gut health much more.” Within these rising challenges, there are many variations. In terms of gluten free, for example, some people are coeliacs, some are gluten intolerant; still others are lactose intolerant, and some just want to improve gut health by eating more plant-based ingredients. Regardless of the challenges, Connie explains, over the years they have worked hard to support their customers in living a good life, naturally.

Personal Mission and Business Missions Align

The will to serve often arises from deep experience and empathy. Almost 20 years ago, Connie tells us, her son was dealing with anaphylaxis triggered by nuts. It happened at the time when she and her family procured Naturally Good Products, but the connection goes even further back. Her family had been using Naturally Good Products for an extended period already, due to her father’s lactose intolerance. “We ended up not only enjoying the product,” she said, “but buying the company! An unexpected turn of events.”

A Global Mission to Help People Thrive

Speaking with Connie after our panel discussion on food and beverage exports, we asked what she had learnt. “My key takeaway is that food is being seen as a way to find solutions for health,” she said. “We want to be healthy, but we want food to taste great. We really want to have our cake and and eat it too.”

Whether in Australia, Asia or the Middle East, this trend is common across the globe. Gut health, in particular, has seen a steep incline. “Many people in Asia have lactose intolerance, and many around the world have coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or are suffering from IBS (1/8 people in the world, to be exact),” she said. “So they’re looking for products such as low FODMAP, which are particular sugars in different foods including dairy and wheat,” she said. “It’s an evolving area of understanding about what, as human beings, we need to really thrive.”

“Some cultures do it better than others,” said Connie. “I really think that Asians do it better than a lot of people in the West.” Although there are drawbacks in every market, and many products in Asia are overly processed despite the underlying traditional food culture. “While people know that they need to go back to less processed food, to look after their health,” she said, “they also want the convenience of consuming that food as a cookie or a snack that is better for them. Companies like Naturally Good Products provide that solution.”

A Mutual Solution

To help the world’s people thrive, it’s important to get products to the market at the right price point so it’s a win-win for all parties involved. To learn more about getting your global mission out there in the world, contact us today. We’d love to help you think about the best way to grow.