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The largest Australian Certified Organic hemp food wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer and exporter in the Southern Hemisphere; Hemp Food Australia (Hemp Foods) is a leader in its field.

Founded in 1999, Hemp Foods has gone on to become HACCP certified, and now delivers its broad range of hemp seeds, protein powders, oil, flours, skincare, snackbars and merchandise to markets around the world. It serves consumers in regions as diverse as Japan, North America, South Korea and Europe. Located in the pristine Bangalow on Australia’s east coast, Hemp Foods’ 11,000 sq ft facility is 100% Australian Certified Organic.

We spoke with Hemp Foods’ Marketing Manager Jeff Clements at this year’s Fine Food Australia, who shared insights for food and beverage companies looking to export and collaborate.

Jeff’s approach is highly collaborative, with everything from suppliers to partners. “We’re launching our Essential Hemp Snack Bars,” he said, “and we’ve used another partner in the Byron region to collaborate, to bring it to life.”

The ethos behind these actions is that wherever it’s an option, you’re often better off working together. “We’re all trying to achieve the same outcome,” said Jeff. “Make sure you do really well here in Australia, and the export markets will then see your success and want to extract that product overseas.”

One final piece of advice from Jeff, useful for all business owners, and perhaps more so for those with big visions: Be patient; be persistent. Hang in there…

If you’d like to export, but you’re not sure where to start; or if you’re considering a new market; don’t be afraid to reach out. We’d love to chat and help point you in the right direction. Our business is built on connection and deep market knowledge; and to us, the two go together. Let us share our expertise and get you started on a new export adventure!