Functional Awakening

Founded in 2015 by Boden Lazar, BODIE’z Protein Water is an Australian entrepreneur’s success story in the making.

Discovering that he was lactose-intolerant, the young athlete Bodie still had to consume heavy dairy protein beverages as a part of his training regime. This sparked an idea to invent a competitive alternative to dairy-based protein drinks; something that would be light on the stomach, but also contain all the essential ingredients required to promote muscle growth, accelerate rehydration, and delay fatigue.

BODIE’z Protein Water is unique. It boasts an equivalent amount of whey protein to what is typically found in protein shakes, the electrolytes found in hydration drinks, vitamins found in a vitamin drink, and high levels of un-fractured branched chain amino acids – all without preservatives. This product is the world’s first four-in-one protein drink. One bottle contains less than 1g of sugar, fat and carbs per serving, helping it maintain its great taste while also avoiding the thick consistency that is typically associated with protein shakes. It can also be purchased in powdered form, and comes in three fresh flavours: berry, orange and kiwi fruit.

Now, with his product distributed across Australia, Bodie has identified the Middle East as a key export market; which will provide BODIE’z Protein Water an opportunity to build a global brand presence through export sales. Experiencing an awakening of sorts, it is a time of great opportunity in the Middle East right now. Rising health awareness has seen exponential spikes in the sales of health and wellness products in markets such as the United Arab Emirates, and government-run public health initiatives have also seen a shift in demand. Consumers are demanding healthier variants of beverages, such as functional drinks, which in turn gives rise to a natural competitive positioning for international players able to accommodate holistic approaches and health benefits – a position that suits BODIE’z Protein Water perfectly.

As of Q1 2018, more households in the Middle East purchase functional beverages on a regular basis during their everyday grocery shopping trips than ever before. Functional beverages are registering some of the highest growth rates among the beverage categories in the United Arab Emirates, and with the development of a sugar tax by the UAE government, it would appear that, for functional health products, there is no better time to enter a Middle Eastern market.