A Luv of Life

Good food was central to the Hurvitz family. They enjoyed, talked about and produced good food. Now on a journey to deliver delicious healthy snacks to the world, Rhett Hurvitz’s early years form the foundation of his company’s direction forward.

“With the grain of an idea for something more than a sweet treat I set about researching and talking to people from all walks of life,” he said. “Again and again I found a hunger within myself and the market for healthy, gluten free and yummy snack alternatives. Through years of trial and error, and the sad loss of my father, I realized life is too short to waste. I gathered all my knowledge, and the Luv Sum brand was born.”

The Luv Sum product range is a display of ingenuity and big variety, from Muesli Balls to No Bake Cookies, Protein Crunch Bars, retail packs and food service varieties. While there are now similar items out there on the market, Luv Sum’s unique driving philosophy makes its mark on every decision and every bite.

“Ultimately, Luv Sum is about loving yourself, looking after yourself, exercising, eating right and enjoying delicious healthier treats and snacks.”

Home to Australia’s first protein ball – just the second protein ball marketed worldwide – Luv Sum keeps  innovating. Selling healthy lifestyle products of the highest quality and variety, the Luv Sum range is both fun and functional; and includes low GI (to sustain energy), high protein (to repair the body and aid growth), full of fiber (for a happy digestive system) and superfoods, delivering density of nutrition with convenience.

The company refuses to resort to dates as a cheap filler; and instead uses honey or agave. This also means it is 30% lower in sugar than many competing products out there. The nut content in Luv Sum products is over 33%, compared to other brands which come between 9-15%. Rhett says these standards have helped to make Luv Sum a leader in many markets, and have even seen them shape the landscape of some of those markets. Rhett is proud that their innovations include the first date-free vegan pouch option on the market, and the first low sugar muesli ball to hit the market.

Available in over 22 countries, at more than 15,000 locations; the consumers across the globe are now enjoying the original Hurvitz family love of good food and nutrition, with ease. In particular, the United Arab Emirates stands out as an opportunity for Luv Sum to connect with. As the fourth-largest economy in the Middle East and Africa, it has one of the highest living standards throughout the world and is especially dependent on exports. This affluent country also consistently selects foods of higher nutritional value and quality for its imports.

Although this young company is always innovating and moving forward; every move is, in a way, another step closer to home. Rhett says it best: “I have dedicated Luv Sum to my father’s memory; his mark is on every item, a seal of his approval. I believe Luv Sum offers people the opportunity to make healthier choices without compromising on enjoying life. Luv Sum aims to produce a unique variety of healthy snack foods infused with a passion for healthier living. Enjoy!”