One Company’s Decision to Make the Impossible, Possible.


When PhD Warren Stewart decided to start a company to translate 10 years of nutritional research into functional health foods, little did he know that this endeavour would reach the lives of so many people throughout the world, winning major awards. Seventeen years since its humble beginnings, the company’s accolades are truly remarkable.  

We sat down with company co-founder Cheryl Stewart to chat about the journey and their philosophy. ‘You can eat cereal that has the nutrition of a cardboard box,’ she said, reflecting on their point of difference in the market. ‘Or you can have our Goji Wholegrain Antiox Natural Muesli, which boasts high levels of antioxidants; Omegas 3, 6 and 9; and an abundance of fibre. We know through our own scientific research that even a small handful of goji berries is equivalent to eating nine carrots in terms of nutritional density. This is proven in an independent laboratory to ensure its validity, and to let our consumers know without a doubt that every claim is transparent and trustworthy.’


This intensive research has led to more new discoveries. Starting out with single-ingredient superfood powders, the company quickly evolved to deliver a synergistic fortified foods range. Not just a point of difference, it also presented a solution for their consumers, who could now absorb more nutrients through well-thought out formulas, and from the comfort of their everyday foods. Thus was born the Morlife their range: boosting powders and functional cereals, fortified herbal teas; quinoa risottos, chia puddings, food bars and more. From alkalising to antioxidants; immunity to digestion; detoxing to fitness or gluten-free, every product is also ripe with real and specific intention. Eevery single offering is an innovation at the edge of dietetics, and 100% backed by certified nutritionists, naturopaths and lab-based testing.


Who doesn’t want more from life? The numbers speak for themselves! From NZ to China to the Middle East, consumers throughout the world are aligning with Morlife’s original nutrition mission, to live bigger lives assisted by the power of proper nutrition.

One market well on the way toward this mission is the United Arab Emirates, where Morlife will be venturing this month to show their wares at the world’s largest annual trade show, Gulfood. What is drawing this once-little sunshine state story ever further across the globe? Cheryl lets us in on their reasoning. ‘Everything is just easier,’ she said. With such a wealthy economy and a heightened need for imported goods, this market is also familiar in dealing with foreign countries; duties are lower and import restrictions are more flexible. Additionally, the high number of expats in the region means that they are willing to pay a respectable price for quality Australian produce. ‘I’ve never had to negotiate anything from the Middle East; I always get a fair price,’ she said. And with a mission as delicious and ambitious as theirs, it’s no wonder.